About me

I combine high-quality English output with a comprehensive ICT background. You might find better programmers and more evocative wordsmiths separately, but few combine elements from both skillsets like I do.

My bread and butter is technical writing, but I have work history as a small enterprise systems administrator, and experience on media production and science journalism.

Drop me a line if you need 1) developer/customer docs and API references, 2) enterprise ICT consulting, 3) science/tech articles written, or 4) just a few sheets translated.

Software/API Documentation
DITA & XSLT Publishing
Fin-Eng-Fin Translation
Tech & Science Journalism
Windows Server Administration
Linux (RHEL / Debian) Administration
Video / Audio / GFX Production
Lightweight scripting (Python, PHP, etc.)
Network Engineering
UX Design / Testing

Full CV


Vaisala Global leader in environmental and industrial measurement
I’m currently writing customer documentation for Vaisala’s weather products and providing technical support for their publishing platform.
Apply Mobile Securing and Optimising your Mobile Workforce
I’m working as Documentation Manager in Apply Mobile. I’m responsible for both writing Apply Mobile’s customer docs and API references as well as designing and implementing their documentation solutions.
CSC - IT Center for Science Nationwide IT services for research, libraries, archives, museums and culture
I wrote a series of cloud computing and particle physics articles for CSC’s Cloud Computing Magazine and their affiliates in iLeaps and PRACE.
Nixu Cybersecurity for Corporate IT, Digital Business and Industrial Internet
I authored, edited and translated PKI policy and other internal documents for Nixu and their clients.
Lionbridge World's largest localization company
I’ve worked as an external consultant providing wide-ranging documentation services for Lionbridge’s client companies.

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